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5 Best Ways to Stop Overeating

5 Best Ways to Stop Overeating

Hello friends, in this post we will check out 5 best ways to stop overeating so that you can maintain your health and fitness.

Friends do you often overeat ? I ask this question because I believe that most of us to realize that we do over eat but can’t really get over it. We know that only needed amount of food would be suffice but even then we tend to eat more only to regret it later.

One is immediate regret of discomfort in the form of bloating or laziness and the other is the hard time your digestive system has assimilating the food.

Most of the times the overeaten food fails to get absorbed properly and that extra food in every meal again and again leads us to the road of diseases, belly fat, skin problems, hair fall, lethargy, heart problems and diabetes.

But not anymore, in this post I am going to share with you 5 best ways to easily get over this habit and stop overeating. Ayurveda suggests that we eat one Angele of food in one serving, that means the food that fits in your two palms is your personalized portion size.

But today there is first surrounded as most people feel that eating less food will make them weak or malnourished. Even modern science after a series of researches have come to this conclusion that for any organism if the calorie intake is reduced by 30% it lives longer by 30%.

So eating less is much better than overeating. Now lest see the 5 best ways to stop overeating which are as follows.

5 Best Ways to Stop Overeating

1. Get a diet of all six tastes to stop overeating

According to Ayurveda scriptures, a meal plan is perfectly balanced and satiating only if it offers all the 6 tastes to your tongue. Which are:

  1. Sweet,
  2. Salty,
  3. Bitter,
  4. Sour,
  5. Astringent,
  6. Pungent.

This is the basis of a traditional plate system where all the six flavors are served in one plate in the right quantities. This also represents all the food groups and their nutrients.

Remember when you were so full of food but still had a lingering craving for that dessert this is simply because our body considers our meal with all these six tastes as complete meal.

Experiment this on yourself, the next time you sit to eat consciously take less food than usual and after the meal eat a small piece of jaggery, see how you feel . Two things will happen first you will feel satiated and second you won’t feel lethargic.

I remember my mother giving me the last chapati with jaggery powder and ghee over it, it would make the whole meal so filling. You can even try a green chilly or have chutney along with your meal, the idea is to try and complete the six tastes.

As you taste all 6 tastes in your meal, your mind and body feels satisfied which will help you to stop overeating.

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2. Keep Add Ons to stop overeating

Ayurveda recommends that you include curd in breakfast, butter milk after lunch and milk after dinner. Now this helps a lot in curbing the habit of overeating basically when you know that butter milk is yet to come you are happy to eat less for lunch.

When you know that you can drink a glass of milk before sleeping you are happy to cut down your day.

Now similarly you can even include fruits or fruit juices before breakfast or a vegetable salad before lunch, this way you will eat variety, eat less and feel full for longer.

Even modern science tells you to eat real food if you don’t want to overeat. This is because our body essentially needs nutrients where as our mind keeps on craving for that nutrition less per go.

However when we fall for our mind and eat that crappy food we do feel happy for a while but our body is still in need of the nutrients. As a result, soon we get the signals of hunger again then again we eat something of that sort and the vicious cycle goes on.

Whereas if you eat fiber rich Whole Grains, pulses and milk products for protein, nuts for healthy fats, fresh fruits and vegetable salads for vitamins and minerals, your body feels full instantly and you stop overeating.

3. Take only one serving to stop overeating

Every time you are about to eat, eat all that you want to eat in just one serving. Do not really fill your plate, think back how you ate the last time you were at about, neither you remember how many food items you tasted nor how many different types of desserts you hopped on.

All you remember is how badly you were stuffed , this is because you did not put all the food in at once you kept refilling. Even at home when someone is constantly serving us food items we keep on eating and eating, until we can’t take it anymore .

So always take only one serving, keep a variety of foods, sit quietly and focus on eating which helps a lot to stop overeating.

4. Eat slowly to stop overeating

Eating slowly will help you to stop overeating, the fact of the matter is that your mind gets sated after chewing for about 14 to 15 minutes. Every time you went to a party, dinner or whatever else you could collectively eat for only about 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes your brain sends a signal to your body to stop eating, we have got enough food. So now it’s up to you, either you can eat so much in those 15 minutes or slowly you can eat as much needed by your body.

But how do we eat slowly?

One simple way is to eat hot fresh food, another way is to chew on small bites. The problem is that most of us today eat while talking to others, watching TV, working on laptop or messaging on mobile. These distractions lead to overeating.

Did you know that in the u.s. in every dining hall, there are instructions as to what to do if someone is choking on food. Even Hollywood movie show a lot of such scenes, but why are they choking on food?

You will never hear about that in India, that’s because they eat and talk at the same time when you try to input and output through the same channel your body gets confused. So if you just eat quietly and slowly there is no chance of choking.

As a practice eat at least one meal in a day alone, alone means without your mobile, without YouTube, without Netflix, consider it as your date with food.

I sometimes play a soothing instrumental music for 20 minutes, that helps me keep eating for that long. If you are eating with spoon, put down the cutlery after every bite and take time to chew.

5. Wait for the signal to stop overeating

This might have happened to you , you went to a restaurant where the service was poor, the waiter got really late in bringing your last order of chapathi. At that time you can’t imagine eating the whole chapathi, but you would have definitely eaten if you had that sooner.

So now this is because it takes time for your brain to send the signals of satiate you to your body however by then we have already eaten that portion of regretted food. So what to do?

One simple trick is this, if doubt arises within you “shall I eat the next chapati or not?” it’s time to stop eating.


So these were the 5 best ways to stop overeating right from the very next minute just to recap end your meal with a little piece of jaggery you can bite on green chili or have chutney along with your meal basically comprise your diet of all six tastes.



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