5 Best Ways to Make Money by Bodybuilding

Make Money by Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is one of the most wanted thing for men, every men wants a good and attractive body. But do you know, you can make money by bodybuilding.

Every man works daily to improve themselves and one of the most wanted improvement for men is bodybuilding. We always want to have a strong and attractive body.

But, bodybuilding is not a easy task. It requires dedication, good diet, and most importantly money for food and supplements.

People with wealthy background can get those all items needed for bodybuilding easily, but what about middle class people ? They have to work 10 hours a day to just earn for their daily needs.

They can not get as much time and money as they want to build their body. Some people don’t even have jobs to invest money on their body, so they always try to find ways to make money.

But what if i tell you, that you can make money by your body for your body !

Yes, you can make money By Your Body For Your Body. Here are 5 best ways to make money by bodybuilding.

5 best ways to make money by bodybuilding

If you want to make money by bodybuilding, here we have listed most trusted and useful 5 best ways to make money by bodybuilding.

1. Become Gym Trainer

Being a gym trainer is one of the best jobs for bodybuilders. If you are a gym trainer, then you can train you gym members as well as yourself. You earn money as well as you do your daily exercises without any extra cost.

All money you earn as gym trainer, you can use in your diet and supplements to make you body more attractive. There are many people working as this and making money while bodybuilding.

If you have a decent body, then you can start from low level gyms and train beginner bodybuilders. While training you can make your body more better and start training at bigger gyms.

2. Become Fitness Blogger

Blogging is one of the best way to make money online. Many people are making money by blogging about something they know or something they love.

If you have a decent body and good knowledge of bodybuilding, you can become a fitness blogger. You can start your own blog and start teaching people for right diet, right exercises and right supplements for bodybuilding.

Once your blog start getting attention form people, you can monetize your blog by advertising networks like “Google Adsense” and start making money from it. To know more about blogging read: What is blogging? Make money with blogging

3. Become Fitness Youtuber

Like blogging, many bodybuilders chose to become a YouTuber to make money. You can make lots of money from YouTube if you get decent amount of subscribers on YouTube.

If you have good body and good knowledge about bodybuilding, you can teach it on YouTube. There are lots of people checking for bodybuilding techniques, bodybuilding diet and bodybuilding supplements on YouTube.

You can become their guide throughout their bodybuilding journey as well as make money by them. Making money on YouTube is simple, you can monetize your videos as well as promote sponsored products for money.

There are many fitness youtubers who monetize their videos by “Google Adsense” as well as promote fitness supplements and equipment to make money by bodybuilding.

4. Become Fitness Model

Many fitness product companies need a model to showcase their fitness equipment and accessories. Those companies also need bodybuilders to promote their supplements.

They hire bodybuilders to do a video/photo shot for their fitness equipment or supplement. If you have a good body, you can be their fitness model and earn money from your video/photo shoots.

There are many bodybuilders like Sergi Constance, Greg Plitt and Mike O’Hearn who are doing modeling and mainly fitness modeling.

5. Become Bodybuilding Product Promoter

Bodybuilding product promoter is a person who promotes products related to bodybuilding. A person with a good body is a best person to promote any product related to bodybuilding.

This person can promote bodybuilding products by any means. He can promote that product in his gym, on his website, on his Instagram account, on his Facebook account and/or on his YouTube channel.

You can become a bodybuilding product promoter if you have a good body and get sponsorship from many bodybuilding equipment and supplement manufacturers.

If you want to know how much money bodybuilders can make from sponsorship read: How Much Money Bodybuilders Make From Sponsors


I have tried to be as helpful as possible to help you make money by bodybuilding. I will be happy to know your thoughts on this article and all the 5 ways to make money by bodybuilding.

If you have any other information or suggestions to improve this article, let us know by commenting below.


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